C  A  R  L  O  S      B  A  S  S  Ó



Carlos Bassó was born in Barcelona on August 22, 1947. In 1964 he attended the Barcelona School of Architecture where he graduated in 1969. In the last years of his degree he collaborated with the architects Carlos M. Díaz and Enrique Torrent in the studio of the architect Francisco Bassó. In 1969 Carlos Bassó, together with Carlos M. Diaz, Juan Busquets, Enrique Torrent and Ramón Dedeu, created the WE69 studio. He collaborated with the architect Oscar Tusquets from 1983 to 1985. From 1985 a long collaboration with the architect Cristian Cirici began. Currently he develops his professional activity in his studio located in 477 Diagonal Avenue of Barcelona.

The Carlos Bassó Arquitectura studio works in the development of urban and architectural projects. It has participated in a wide variety of projects, ranging from urban planning to building design: hotels, single family and multi-family houses, shopping centers, Office buildings, school and university buildings, a bus station, industrial buildings and the restoration of historic buildings. Carlos Bassó Arquitectura always strives for professional excellence in the broadest sense of the word. We are not tied to any construction company, real estate developer or financial institution. It´s for this reason that the process of architecture and design is done with independence and neutrality for each client.

Since 2015 Carlos Bassó Arquitectura has broadened its scope by creating a new division dedicated to Real Estate Investment. We acquire, sell and invest in real estate on behalf of our clients and our own societies, as well as collaborate with financial structures. The Real Estate Investment team has extensive experience in the buying and selling of buildings, lots and hotels in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Baleares and Costa del Sol. We work according to the needs of our clients offering a highly personalized service.




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