We are not going to describe the Project here, but to refer to the differential aspects that distinguish it from other buildings and, particularly, the surrounding ones. Firstly, the desire to make it visible from a distance, not only by the luminous sign very visible from Josep Plà street, which is the street from which the hotel is normally accessed, but also by a series of luminous panels retro- Illuminated by “leds” distributed randomly through all the facades. Second, by the way of unequivocally pointing out the access of customers and visitors. For this we have resorted to the image of the cinemas of “42nd Street” of New York that are distinguished by their white back-lit volumes that make of marquees of the atrium of access. This is the image we wanted to adopt to identify access to the Vincci BIT. And thanks to the suppression of the structural pillar that would normally be in the corner formed by the streets Josep Plà and Pallars, it is the building itself that acts as a marquee to protect the access door that is situated under this white volume that we have mentioned. Thirdly, we must mention that on the deck the building has a 6-storey part and in the other 8, where we have located a large terrace, with swimming pool, gym, dry sauna and wet sauna, from which a panoramic view is enjoyed, as much towards the sea as towards the mountain. Finally, as far as interior design and furniture are concerned, we have worked closely with Beriestain Interiors, and the proposal and selection of the muralists who have intervened in all public spaces has been a brilliant idea of ​​theirs.

Emplazamiento: Location: Pallars 418, Barcelona Cliente: Client: GOAL 2003 Superficie: Area: 9800m2 Año: Date: 2012